In Development



The Mountain Man is a visceral and intense horror film, a British slant on the typical "teens lost in the woods" scenario seen in films such as Wrong Turn.


It follows an innocent young woman named Meg, who is suddenly abducted from her everyday life and thrown into a life or death fight for survival, hunted by a disturbed sniper for game.



A dark, disturbing supernatural chiller, The Ferryman tells the story of Mara, a lonely outsider who must move in with her estranged father after an attempted suicide. Soon after, she is haunted by a malevolent entity determined to destroy her and anyone she gets close to.


The Ring meets Let The Right One In, The Ferryman is a terrifying mix of tragic drama and ghost story.


In 2017 we plan to put three microbudget horror feature films into production. These will each be shot in and around Manchester, and utilise filmmakers and actors from the local area who have yet to get that big break into feature films. We hope this will be a fantastic opportunity and really improve the quality of each project, giving them that fresh, edgy, distinct independent feel.


Check out the projects below, and if you are based in Manchester and want to get involved, please do get in touch....



A taut, tense psychological thriller in the vein of Death and the Maiden and Hard Candy, The Bad Man takes place over the course of one evening when a dinner party between friends takes a sinister turn when a disturbed stranger shows their face...



A riveting, violent horror about a mother who will stop at nothing to find her young daughter, who was abducted during a savage home invasion.


The script has already attracted a fantastic cast including Terri Dwyer, Garth Maunders and Rob Jarvis, and is currently seeking finance.