The digital revolution has been fantastic for established filmmakers as well as emerging ones. Anybody can pick up their smartphone and make a movie! It's like a pocket film school. And it keeps improving, with the recent Samsung Galaxy and iPhones having the capacity to shoot in low light. You can shoot, edit, compose the score, and record the sound all on one small handset. It's ideal for the cash-strapped filmmaker, shooting guerilla-style for that expensive looking production value.


Filmmaker Elliott Maguire has been utilising the iPhone to make a variety of short films, to test out the tech in preparation for joining the makers of Tangerine and Uneasy Lies The Mind and creating a feature length iPhone movie. You can find some of his work below...



Shot on the iPhone 5S in over two hours with no budget and non-professional actors. Accessories used include tripod, wide lens and macro lens. Edited using iMovie and Chromatic. Sound and music created on GarageBand.





Shot on iPhone 6s. Edited on iMovie. Sound and music on GarageBand. Accessories include tripod, steadicam, telephoto lens.



Birthday Wishes was made as an entry to the #SinisterHomeMovie contest run by HeyUGuys and entertainmentOne. The competition was fierce, but Birthday Wishes won! And now has the great honour of being of the special features of the UK DVD and Blu-Ray of SINISTER 2


Shot on iPhone 5s using the Super 8 app. Edited on iMovie. Sound on GarageBand.